Looking for Scuba Instructor in English?

To all english speakers who want to learn PADI Scuba Diving in South Korea, please contact 5penwater@gmail.com or call 010-2068-7385

Your Scuba Diving training can be placed in almost anywhere in South Korea, but preferably Seoul, Suwon, Jeju Island and East Sea area.

Extra charges may occur in other areas for transportations and stay.

Our Scuba Diving training is non-profitable business which makes pressure-free from any sort of business activities.

Training group of students are also possible.

We are equipped with all scuba gears from XS to L and Basic to Technical. Customer can be charged extra for size we do not have.

Price are shown in 'Training' section of website.

As for proximate currency,

  • Openwater scuba diver will cost 650 USD
  • 2 or more Openwater scuba divers will cost 600 USD each
  • Openwater + Advanced Scuba diver will cost 1,100 USD
  • 2 or more Openwater + Advanced Scuba diver will cost 1,050 USD
  • Nitrox will cost 200 USD
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) will cost 150 USD

All other levels of PADI Scuba Diving training is also possible.

Above price will include Equipments, Manual(book), License & Confined/Openwater training.

It does not include, transportation, stay, and meal for the students.